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Creative Web Designer and Producer with management skills

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Not quitting my day job but I love photography

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Only time I have to think about why, is why I think about why?

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Bringing project management leadership to the web development process. Translating technical requirements into functional specifications and actionable work plans. I collaborate with designers, web developers, copywriters, systems engineers and other creative service workers to define integration points and develop a release plan. Creating and overseeing the project schedule and reporting progress to leadership, team members and other stakeholders.

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• Leadership in website development, web research, SEO optimization and marketing strategy

• Solutions for complex digital ecologies, including points of integration between raw data & visual presentation.

• Advance web design with management and producer experience

• Expert in front-end UI and UX designs

• Excel at locating, hiring and managing skilled personnel to accomplish web tasks

• Highly talented in graphic design

• Expert at logo and branding

• Valuable team player with the ability to work with other teams and departments

• Creative and technically proficient photographer, full comprehension and knowledge in digital and “traditional” film imaging and development processes

• Languages: Lotus Notes/Designer, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, HTML, HTML5.

• Software: Adobe Suite, Adobe Lightroom, MS Office Suite, Lotus Notes, SVN.

• Frameworks/APIs: Google Analytic, PayFlow Pro API, SalesForce API, Marketo API

• Operating Systems: Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Mac iOS.

• Concepts: Search Engine Optimization, Product Development Life Cycle, Product Design/Agile (Scrum) Marketing, Branding, Logos, Wireframe, SEM, CTR.

• Skills: Team Management, Communications between Teams, UI and UX Expert, Creative and Artistic.

Equipment: 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 formats (Digital and Film)

• Lighting: Strobes, hotlights, softboxes, umbrellas, foamcore, light panels, gobos, butterflies

• Exposure Values: Complete understanding of shutter speeds, aperture and ISO relationships

• Film: Full knowledge of transparencies push/pull development and Black & White development

• Image Manipulation: Comfortable with pre-production and post-production manipulation

• Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom, InDesign, MS Office Suite, Lotus Notes

• Techno Junkie: Constantly reading up (online & published) about photography

Creative Vision

Transforming concepts and ideas into digital realities.

Web Production

Define, Design and Manage the Web Development process.

Gather business requirements, work with business managers, marketing, graphic designers, and developers


Optimizing website by editing it's content & HTML and associated coding to both increasing it's relevance to specific keyword searches.

User Centered Design

Manage and develop user friendly web products, allowing access to extensive databases, to satisfy customers' needs. This involved creating highly detailed search interface and easy to view search results. This includes movable panels, allowing customers to rank their priority of use or hide panels that not essential. Categorize data into groups like, companies, financial payments, license, and post commercialization for easier viewing to the user. Constant gathering feedback to enhance user experience


User must have the ability to access information in as few clicks as possible.

User experience is related to layout, clear navigation and labelling on a website, plus the ability to engage the use within the site.


Before there was this "term", this was created back in 1998, through Signals Magazine, then through Recap.com



RecapIQ by Deloitte

Managed, Produced, Designed, Enhanced and Maintained the highly advance Biotech and Pharma search and data organization website for Premier Clients.

Recap Explorer

Managed, Produced and Designed a "watered down" Biotech and Pharma search and data organization website for Basic Clients.

Ticular Consulting

Website Design and Production for a San Francisco Consulting Agency.