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Capturing December

Photo-A-Day Challenge

This idea was created by a Meetup.com group and I thought it will be cool to participate. Each day has a "subject of the day" so it is not anything goes on subject matter.

I decided to take a very different approach to this challenge by not doing it the conventional photography method. I used apps to process the final images for a more unique look to my images. Apps used were Instagram, Camera Awesome, Snapseed, and Streamzoo.

Dec 1

Subject: Your View Today
Golden Gate Through My Windshield

Dec 4

Subject: Joyous
Christmas Tree Ornament

Dec 7

Subject: Bright
Orange Tables and Chairs

Dec 10

Subject: Wrapping Paper
Non Traditional Wraps

Dec 13

Subject: Family
My daughter and I

Dec 16

Subject: Outside Christmas Lights
Embarcadero and Trans America

Dec 19

Subject: Candy Cane
Money Grabbing Machine Looking Cute

Dec 22

Subject: Tradition
I still have film in my refrigerator

Dec 25

Subject: Morning
Surfer on Ocean Beach

Dec 28

Subject: Words
Eat Crab Billboard

Dec 31

Subject: Fun
Instagramification or beer goggles?

Dec 2

Subject: Favorite Holiday Movie
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 5

Subject: Today's Temperature
Crossing Market Street

Dec 8

Subject: Ornaments
Supersized Christmas Ornaments

Dec 11

Subject: Green
Shopping Money Please

Dec 14

Subject: Christmas Tree
Tree Above Macy's Entrance

Dec 17

Subject: Presents
Fantastic Store Display

Dec 20

Subject: Tree Topper
My daughter Adding the Final Touch

Dec 23

Subject: Scarf
Scarf Rack

Dec 26

Subject: Grateful
Cherry Garcia

Dec 29

Subject: Sky View
Paraglider at Mussle Beach Pacifica

Dec 3

Subject: Red
Red Choices

Dec 6

Subject: Shopping
Store Sale Banners

Dec 9

Subject: Something You're Reading
My daughter in a Bookstore

Dec 12

Subject: A Beautiful Sight
Flea Market Still life

Dec 15

Subject: Favorite Holiday Song
O Holy Night

Dec 18

Subject: Stockings
Ralphie, A Christmas Story

Dec 21

Subject: Peace
Haight Ashbury

Dec 24

Subject: Favorite Part of Christmas Eve
The Only Reason For Christmas

Dec 27

Subject: Night Time
Cable Car Turnaround

Dec 30

Subject: Your Winter Wonderland
Kings Canyon, California